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The care of the sick and injured has long been an honored profession. We who have chosen to serve in its ranks are embarking onto a field well bedecked with the honors of great skills, courage and devotion to duty. We who choose to voluntarily give so much of our time and effort to the cause of emergency first aid and ambulance service for our community must be of generous nature and high moral fiber. We must possess physical, mental and moral qualifications. We must have good health, strength and endurance. We must be proficient in our training and observation, and exercise sound judgment. We must display dignity, discretion, courtesy and sympathy. We play the initial role in treatment for the recovery of the sick and injured who beckon us for assistance. Our attitude transfers to the patient and, with our skills, aids the patient to get well. In order to properly fulfill the task we have chosen, we must conduct ourselves at all times, in squad performance and in personal life, in such manner as to lend good reputation to this the BOSTON EMERGENCY SQUAD, INC.

















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